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Gabriela’s Connected Energy® Healing sessions helps clients (people and animals) working on all three levels that affect health and quality of life.




While Gabriela can work in-person, her practice is done completely at a distance. This allows clients to work with her from all over the world.  Healing(s) can be exactly what one would expect or something that was not realized was needed. 

Working with Gabriela does not require belief in it.  It just works. 

Her ability to heal includes helping balance locations experiencing paranormal disturbances of all levels and kinds.

What Is Connected Energy® Healing?

Energetic Health + Emotional Health + Physical Health =

Better Quality of Life

All three levels must be addressed.

After years of hearing from clients how different she is from other healers, psychics, mediums, medical intuitive and animal communicators etc, Gabriela finally discovered a name that describe exactly what she does: Connected Energy™ Healing. Because every client is unique. Gabriela allows the energy and information to come through exactly the way each client needs it. That means she receives  information on many different levels helping her to guide her clients to health. Her information can also be used by her clients to help guide doctors, vets and other professionals with aiding her clients well being.

Mainstream science understands and believes that everything including humans are made up of energy.  Energy comes together to make physical forms, whether it be human or mountain.  When energy through a healer is facilitated for a person, animal, plant or yes, even a place (energy healing can help reset the energy of a house and aid in paranormal disturbances) it positively affects that which it is aimed at on the core energetic level.  Energy therapy helps modify the frequencies of a person, animal and or place back to a place of balance.  In some cases, this is a process that takes a bit of time.  In other cases, the transformation into a state of balance happens instantly; what some would call miracles. 

A great article to read:  “Nobel Prize winning physicists have proven beyond doubt that the physical world is one large sea of energy that flashes into and out of being in milliseconds, over and over again.”


Some Examples Connected Energy® Healing Can Help With...

  1. Chronic Physical Pain

  2. Emotional Disorders (Anxiety, PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, ADD, ADHD etc...

  3. Illness (Cancer, ALS, Liver Issues and again yes, these are just a few examples)

  4. Addiction Issues (Of All Kinds)

  5. Developing your own intuitive abilities so you have that deep inner knowing of what to do and peace inside that everything is already all right no matter what is happening. You'll always be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  6. Developing your own abilities to communicate effectively with other species.

  7. And so much more!

Connected Energy® Healing changes lives for the better.

                 Recommended by top vets like Dr. William Farber DVM

I am also very proud and honored that the great Warren Eckstein, who is the premier behaviorist in the world, knows and recognizes my work. I am one of the very few!

All serious animal people know this man and his work. He is a national treasure.

He was very kind and generous to have me on his radio show which is 25 + syndicated in the US and Canada.

Warren introduced me to Joy and Craig Nadel, Co Founders of Rescue Me Inc and recommended me to their board of directors which he also serves. Very rare as Warren is extremely busy!

Below was taken by me at an event at a local shelter. This poor pup was classified as aggressive. The trainers at the shelter warned people off of him. He was 6 months old at the time and his breed is a red heeler (cattle dog). I spoke to this puppy and found NO aggression in him. Warren was at the Rescue Me Inc event. As I had access to the best, I asked him to take a look at this poor pup who was being set up to be destroyed.

Warren confirmed what I felt which was this was just a good puppy being misunderstood!

Today this puppy has the most amazing loving home. He’s great with other dogs of all breeds, wonderful with small children and just a plain all around great family dog!

Again, a dog that a shelter condemned as aggressive because of on site behaviorist/trainers (who knows what their training is?!) deemed him dangerous.

Warren has worked tirelessly to save misunderstood animals from the very flawed shelter paradigm. If you don’t know who he is, please do your home work. He is bar none, the best in the world.

BELOW is a short video of me helping an arctic wolf who had cancer and as a result lost her leg. She was one of the most amazing beings I have ever worked with. It was an informal session that someone with me just took an impromptu video. Walking was hard for this wolf as she was so big. Her body would get out of alignment very quickly. The work I did with give her pain relief and help her walk easier.

During the session, the wold described loving a food she did not get often and how she wished she could have more of it. The way she talked about it was like junk food. At risk of being very embarrassed I took a chance and asked her care takers about it as respectfully as I could as I knew this could be a touchy subject.

Her caretaker looked at me jaw slacked and said, “on Sundays I make her french fries as a treat! No one knows this outside of the compound!”

Click here to watch on YouTube.

Please Note: Connected Energy® healing is a complimentary therapy that is to be used in conjunction with traditional and other holistic methods in order to help transform physical and emotional challenges. As with MD's, no one can guarantee their services, but Gabriela's clients have always seen her session work be of help with the issues they need addressed.

Please Note:  Gabriela is not an emergency service. Her work is a proactive therapy. If you have an  emergency please call 911 or the appropriate services in your area.

© Gabriela McAllister


About Gabriela’s work...

Gabriela has done some great work with my horses, family and myself. I am so glad I met her and asked her to work with us.  I highly recommend her and I am grateful to know her.


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